We are Jeff and Sonya Kilmartin, if you haven’t met us already, and we currently live near Millet, Alberta, where Jeff pastors Wiesenthal Baptist Church. We have 4 kids- all young adults now, so we are preparing to push the last of them out of the nest – by removing the nest altogether.

Our whole family spent about one year living in Gembu, Nigeria in 2008-2009, and one of the things we did was establish a strong relationship with a group of Fulbe (Fulani) believers near Gembu. Over the last 7 years we have been back to Cameroon and Nigeria a number of times, and kept the connections strong with those Fulbe believers, and Sonya also volunteered a couple of summers at the Baptist Teacher Training College (BTTC).  At this point in our lives, we have been approved as NAB Missionaries and will begin raising the financial support we need. Once we have done that we can go to Cameroon, and begin this next exciting phase of our lives, which will be anchored with Jeff teaching at a seminary in Ndu, and should include work among the Fulbe, trips back to Nigeria and Mbu seminary, and more working with national teachers.

We look forward to this, and hope that you will come on our journey with us, through encouragement, prayer, and financial support.  Maybe some of you can will even come visit us some time!!

You can learn more about us at our NAB (North American Baptist) mission website