A Motorcycle Miracle

One of the things we were taught at our Mission Training Institute (MTI, in Colorado) was when we are learning a language, to develop a monologue which we can then tell to people we come in contact with. This enables us to practise speaking, plus it allows us to relate to people a little bit in their own language. With the help of my friend Suleymanu, then, I developed the following short monologue to share with people here in Banyo. I have put it down in interlinear fashion for you.img_20180706_093313

Haa mi wi’uma habaruwol dammungol gongawol.

Let me tell you a     story               short     true.

Nyande feere mi don laanya moto am les hooseere,

One day I was driving motorcycle my down a hill,

bibbe rewbe tato be don mba’ito              haa laawol           dow hooseere.

young women three, they were climbing on the same path up the hill.

Gooto mabbe yahiri heedi am,                   wakati mi habdi luutugomo

One of them went on the side of me,           when I tried to avoid her

moto am            yaniri     haa mi tammaakino.

motorcycle of me fell in a way I did not expect.

Wakati mi donno numa dow majjum mi don de’iti, ammaa mi don tabitini mi yanan,

When I was thinking about that        I was very calm,    but    I was sure     I was going to fall,

nden mi numi, “Do kam mi nawnoto.”

and I thought, “This is going to hurt me.”

Hideko mi yana     moto am lorti,                  diga don           mi tokkitini laanyugo.

Before I fell, my motorcycle righted itself, and from there I continued driving.

Mi andaa noy dum latoori,           ammaa baawo balde sedda esiraawo                am windaniyam

I did not know what happened; but a few days after that my mother-in-law         wrote me

o wi’i o donno wada do’a ngam am, ammaa o andaa ngam dume.

to say she had been praying for me, but did not know what for.

Wakati min daari min tawi dum wakatiman o donno wada do’a ngam am.

When we compared the times [we knew] she had been praying for me.

Nden min fuu min teddini Allah ngam kayeefi maako dum o wadaniyam.

Then we both honoured God for        miracle   his [which]       he did for me.

This is my first monologue, and I have tried it out with the family next door, with good results. I plan to use it at the hospital, and other places where I run into people. Having the need for motorcycle miracles is certainly not great, but knowing our God is able to carry us through whatever is a good feeling.

2 thoughts on “A Motorcycle Miracle

    • Definitely. You cannot around in some places without getting on a bike, so everyone knows about this.
      I have been able to share it many times now, in the hospital and in various homes in the area, and people really respond well to it. Actions help too 🙂


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