“Touch Me!”

Wow – it has been a long time since I have written here. So sorry to all those who have been checking, and finding nothing new in the cupboards. I got out of the habit when I spent my six weeks on the road, and as you all know, when you come back from anything, you are always struggling to catch up with other stuff.

Okay. ‘Nuf with the excuses.

One thing I have been trying to work on, on my own, is my language skills. Speaking, hearing, and reading Fulfulde (not writing too much in it yet, but that will also come in time). It is harder with no one else around to talk to, but I am managing.


Sonya tasko (i.e. Sonya packing/preparing)

One thing that helps me is my flash cards. Most folks who have learned a new language will tell you that flash cards can be really helpful. I remember learning Greek in university. My best friend was in the same class with me, and we used to drill a bit together, and we both had flash cards. In the mornings we would walk around the trail at our campus (Trinity Western, in Langley, BC – beautiful setting), then line up for the café for breakfast. In the line up, when conversation was limited, I would check out my flash cards.


O pussi (he broke the window in pieces)

Today I have my own, home-made, flash cards. I am no artist, but it has been fun doing them, and I can see my drawing skills improve (if only ever so slightly).


Cari sembidina (Cari being strengthened)

I should tell you the funnest thing I had learning. I was in the village, and it occurred to me one day that I did not know any curse words.


Mi wo’ina (I fix)

Usually, when learning a new language, some wise guy will tell you all his favorite swear words, just for kicks. But I did not know any.

So, I jokingly asked my friends about this, and they laughed at me. The closest I got to learning a curse word, is the word Irr (you have to roll your ‘r’s when you say it). It means, “Touch me!” The idea is that when you are having a rather heated argument, the other person touching you will be the last straw, and when they do then you will really give it to them. So, you dare them with Irr! Mostly, the men told me, it is a word used by women. Kayye!


Mi sumpto

My favorite word is sumptuugo – this word means to think of something while eating. I just thought it was cool to have a special word like that. Anyway . . . munch, munch – I am eating ground nuts while I am writing this . . . oops, mi don sumpto (I am having a thought while I am munching away), so I had better get going here.