Thank you for your thoughtful Christmas gift….

Well, after a flurry of traveling before Christmas, Jeff and I have celebrated a very quiet and fairly uneventful Christmas, and 2018 is fast approaching. We would like to thank all of you for your very thoughtful gifts to us.

What gift did you give us, you may ask? Well, while a few of you have sent us specific Christmas gifts in some way or another, the most valuable gift is your support so that we can be here. Jeff and I didn’t really exchange Christmas gifts, (although I did still do a stocking of goodies for each of us), mostly because there wasn’t really much that either of us felt we needed.  We are so grateful, after the long period of planning and support raising, just to be here, starting to do the work we have described to all of you.

There is one thing you CAN do for us, though. We are still not much closer to our 100% support than when we left, so we hope that some of you might make a new Year’s resolution to support us.  Or if you know someone interested in supporting missions in Africa, can you please direct them to our NAB website?   And if your church hasn’t finished their budget for 2018, perhaps you can put in a word for us.

I should tell you about a few cool physical things that we have received in the past few months. The first is all the boxes of books, household things and teaching materials that we sent via White Cross. I’ll probably write another specific blog about that, but we really did get our Christmas in November when the bulk of our things arrived from the CBC warehouse in Mutengane. Having familiar kitchen items, my sewing machine, Jeff’s books, a few more clothes…many of these things are positively luxuries after a few months without them.

Funny thing is there were two rather large items I debated sending via White cross, and decided against. One was a bread machine, and the other was my Yamaha electric piano. Decide both were rather ridiculous luxuries to ship,  that I didn’t’ really need, so didn’t send them.  About a month ago another missionary gave me one that she had been given and never used. (and I haven’t actually used it yet- which proves my point about its necessity)

I am also amazingly enjoying a Yamaha Clavinova, very similar to the one I sold and left behind.  I had borrowed a keyboard from the seminary, with the proviso that I had to buy my own power cord. While I don’t have much music with me (it’s mostly in the last boxes we sent with White Cross, which I hope arrives soon) it was enjoyable to play a bit. But I really miss the feel of an acoustic piano, or the weighted keys of my old electric one.  And presto! Cal Hohn emailed me to tell me they didn’t have room in their new place for the one that had been in their old house, and it came up my way with the next visitors to Ndu. It is SO much sturdier, and nicer to play, I am finding myself on it more…and my neighbor, who is a music teacher here at CBTS has asked if he can come practise some time on it too.  🙂


God is so good, and gave us the priceless gift of His Son which we have been celebrating this Christmas.  And His people are so generous- we are very grateful for all of your support.

Oh, and God gave us the gift of missing an extremely cold Edmonton Christmas!! 🙂


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