A Glass of Juice…

I know. I don’t write blogs like Jeff. Eventually I will tell you more about the ministry and teaching stuff we are doing. But I like to write about everyday things that we experience, so you can get a sense of out life here,  so bear with me.

This Wednesday, we had a glass of juice. Now, it is possible to buy some fruit juices here, for fairly exorbitant prices. I bought 1 litre in Bamenda when we arrived, but haven’t run into the same kind here, and find that $3 US plus is a bit steep for a litre, if I could find it here in Ndu, anyhow.

Juice isn’t really that good for you- it’s much healthier to eat the fruit than to drink the juice. Juice is all the sugar and none of the fiber, etc. etc., but I digress.

Fruit I can get. Papaya is in season, if you care for them; guavas are on the trees (I have a few on a tree here, but I really don’t like those very much)  bananas are available year round,  regular oranges (but they’re green) can easily be had, and I’ve actually had little mandarins (but with seeds) since we got here. Those are gettting smaller and less sweet so I think the season is tapering off.  Watermelon is great here.  Mangoes I am going to have to wait a long time for- I think it’s a rainy season crop.

Pineapple is my favorite, but unfortunately it doesn’t grow well, or is out of season, up here.  But when a visitor was coming up this way, Cal texted and asked if I wanted any fruit picked up along the way from Douala. I requested 2 or 3 pineapples. And I got some HUMUNGOUS ones. So I have been cooking sweet and sour dishes, eating  it fresh, baking with it,  bringing it for staff coffee time,  and finding a little space in my tiny freezer for some of it.

And, while  doing all this cutting, slicing, crushing and dicing, I did get  the spinoff of some pineapple juice. Which is yummy, and very, very sweet. So, having about a cup of it in the fridge, I thought I would stretch it a bit with some orange juice as I really like the combination.  You know that Tropicana commercial about juice from 64 oranges in every carton of  OJ? Well, no kidding- that’s believeable!!  After 20 minutes, I had squeezed 8 oranges of various sizes and types, gotten all sticky, and finally had enough about 2 cups of pineapple-orange juice.  We rationed some out for that meal and some for the next breakfast.

It was delicious, but not something I’ll do on a regular basis.



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