NAB Appeal

An appeal has gone out from the North American Baptist International Office concerning the Fulbe refugees on the Mambilla Plateau, which you can access at Fulbe Conflict. If you are able to pray or help in other ways, it is much needed and appreciated.FB_IMG_1500329690816

To aid in understanding the conflict I have made two short videos (4 and 5 minutes) which you can access at Fulbe History, Part 1 and Fulbe History, Part 2. (Thanks to the Alberta Baptist Association for the use of their board room.)19424277_780166562153348_5658066797476326273_n

I include here photos taken of the harm done to the cattle to show the horror of it all, but will refrain from posting photos of the slain, out of respect for both the living and the dead.

At the moment people are out of harm’s way, but if only if our definition of “harm” does not include things like lack of shelter, food, education, and so on. You can see where I am going with this I think. There is a great need for aid to be given these folks. Thanks for clicking on the links to read more about it all, and for your praying and giving.


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