Annemarie Hattenhauer

All through our time in Nigeria, and then later in Cameroon, I was conscious of walking on a path already trodden by the many who had gone before me. I have written about some of them already, like Minnie Kuhn, and the three early NAB missionaries, Carl Bender, Paul Gebauer, and George Dunger. (Click on Early Pioneers to read more about them and their legacy.)

Most of them these saints are passed on now, but we have the special privilege of having some of them still around, and supporting us. One of these is Annemarie Hattenhauer. Teaching in Cameroon for many years, Annemarie is now retired and living in Edmonton (her last trek to Cameroon was in 2007) – but for her “retired” really does mean having her ‘tires’ retreaded.Annemarie at LPC

Annemarie has been letting me know about some of her many contacts in the country – including Provost Johnson Nseinboh, who I will be accountable to when I am at the Ndu Seminary, and the Fon (chief), His Royal Highness Emmanuel Nfor, also in Ndu. She helped to establish a church on the Fon’s palace grounds by visiting with him, and holding simple Bible studies with some of his wives.

Today Annemarie’s health precludes her from continuing on in Cameroon except via prayer for those who are still there (and for us, who are on our way there), but it does not mean she is no longer in active ministry. During the summer she was involved with her church’s VBS “Kids’ Week,” and she was also the Camp Grandma at a Baptist General Conference camp during the summer. At the Seniors’ complex where she lives she is a pastoral care volunteer.

I thank God for Annemarie and so many others like her, who have served faithfully and continue to do whatever their hands find to do. Annemarie has requested prayer for her health – she has suffered two strokes and is dealing with a heart problem. As you pray for us – that we would find our way to the field soon, and be a great blessing there – please also pray for Annemarie as she continues to serve here. Thanks so much.


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