Praying Mothers-in-Law

One of the main reasons Sonya and I moved our family west from Manitoba in 2011 was to be closer to our parents (here in Alberta and in B.C.) and our extended families. It certainly has been good to be much closer to them the past several years. I know we’ll miss them when we go, but our parents are in good siblings’ hands.

So, as I am thinking about parents, I will tell a story about my prayer mother-in-law.

One week on the Mambilla Plateau I was asked to teach at a small Bible school about 30 minutes away from where we lived. The first day I was guided there by my friend Pastor Timothy; the next day I was on my machine alone.

As I was heading down one rather steep grade three young women were walking up the narrow trail. When they saw me they all went to their right, and I also headed to my right. At the last moment, however, one of the girls decided to switch course, and ran to the other side.

This meant that I had to switch quickly too, but as I swerved my motorcycle went from being upright, to sliding on its side down the hill!

So there I was, sliding down with my bike, looking at the steep grade I was going down, contemplating the cliff I was quickly approaching, thinking quite calmly to myself, “Yup, its gonna hurt when I fly over that.”

Before I could fly over the cliff, however, the bike suddenly righted itself – so suddenly that my back was given a bit of a wrench. I remember looking back over my shoulder to where I had been sliding down seconds before, asking myself, “What in the world just happened?”

I got to the school more or less on time, with a sore back, but happy that nothing more serious had happened. The whole episode happened at around 10:15 am Nigeria time.

Several days later we received an email from Sonya’s mother, Marie. She said she had woken up around 3:15 am a few days earlier, and felt led to pray for us. She did not know why she needed to pray, but began to pray for us anyway. Now she was wondering what it was that happened that day.

I checked the date and the time – yes, it was the very day and time that I was skidding down the hillside to a catastrophic (for me) end. Thank God for his Holy Spirit who impresses on us desires for goodness and acts prompted by our faith (2 Thess 1.11) . . . and for mothers-in-law who heed him.


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