Brighter Day Update

I finally managed to reach my friend Aminu in Nigeria this morning (after having the line go dead three times in a row) and got a bit of an update on the refugees on the Mambilla Plateau.012-friday-2-pm-prayers-in-gembu

The people there have now gotten out of the “Why Worried” Hotel, and have found themselves different places in the town of Gembu where they have resettled. A great deal of thanks are owed to Robert Ngalam, the owner of the hotel, who hosted them when their need was the greatest.

While their homes and possessions were mostly destroyed in the fires, they still have the land around their old homes, and they are now preparing to go out to the farms and begin the season of hoeing and planting. Their cows were out in the pastures as well, so they have been back to check on them.

Pastor Aminu says they are adapting well to life in the town. Their children will need some help now, however, with respect to their schooling. All of their books and school supplies were destroyed in the attacks, and will now need to be replaced. Plus, virtually all children in Nigeria need to wear uniforms in order to go to school. This means they will all need to buy new uniforms before they can begin attending school in Gembu as well.

Government workers have inspected the damage in the burned-out village and will now report back to their superiors. The people believe that something will be done by the government there to help them, since the government leaders there are reputed to be fairly decent. The difficulty sometimes is that the amount given by the government may be “cut” by those handling the funds, so that when it gets down to the people who actually need it the amount is sometimes less than is needed.

Meanwhile, I asked about the House of Prayer in Gembu also. Pastor Salihu is reporting that the work there is coming along, slowly but surely. Many Christian Fulbe in the town of Gembu would be afraid of coming out publically as Christians by attending worship there because there is a great amount of oppression and opposition to Christianity there, but they are slowly becoming stronger and more courageous.

Thanks for your prayers for these good folks. If you would like to give aid in more tangible ways please let us know here and we will let you know how that may be done.

(P.S. The picture is the main street in Gembu on Friday afternoon when the Muslims gather for prayers. There are so many they spill out onto the street.)


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