Yawwa! We are in language training!jamila-jeff-fadima-aminu-at-majidu-farewell

My forays into language learning have been mixed at best. I remember taking High School French in Grade 8. I got a good grade, but did not know the language at all, so I switched into German to see if I would improve much. I took German to the end of Grade 11, and actually learned a little bit.

In my first year of university I started learning biblical Greek, and did well enough in that to keep it up as much as I have been able in the years since.

Now Sonya and I have been trying to learn Fulfulde, the language of the Fulbe people. We are learning it from a book I ‘stole’ from Gembu when we lived there in 2009 (this was when we figured we would be the last missionaries there) (I guess if anyone wants to be reimbursed they can talk to me about that . . .:-{0 ). Learning a language from a book is not the best way to do it, but it is the best we can do right now.

I am hoping that getting this bookish background will help us when we finally get on the field and are immersed in the culture there. Sonya is at a bit of a disadvantage here, since I have already lived in the villages and have been able to hear the cadences, learn the greetings, and have even picked up some of the vocabulary.

I already knew, for instance, that “Yawwa” is an expression of approval and joy, and have used it lots in daily conversation with my friends.

Now we are waiting for the day when it will be all caps: that we’ll say YAWWA! on our arrival in Cameroon. Thanks for supporting and praying along with us on this journey.


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