Black Day Update

After a week has passed, the dust has settled a bit on the Plateau, where our friends had had to flee from their village after their homes had been burnt by a large gang of young men.

They made their way safely to the city of Gembu, where they have been housed at the Why Worried Hotel. This is where I stayed in 2010; it is owned by a Mambilla Christian brother who has offered it to these refugees free of charge.

Meanwhile, the local government has given aid in the form of food and clothing, and food and other supplies has also been coming in from other Fulbe Christian communities. Our own church, Wiesenthal Baptist, has raised just over $1600, which will also be used for food and medical supplies.

My friend Aminu reports that the people do not appear to be overly traumatized, but in as good as shape as can be hoped. Their immediate needs have been taken care of, so it is their long term disposition that is the question now.

One concern they have regards the justice system there. They fear that the young men responsible may somehow go unpunished, which would encourage more of the same to take place, thus making the Plateau even more unstable.

So, while we are thankful that our friends are safe, and thus far well cared for, we pray that justice would be done there. Thanks for your payers.


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