Language Issues

In Cameroon right now a strike is going on which has already resulted in the shooting deaths of at least two persons in the city of Bamenda. This is where several of our NAB missionaries live, including Elsie Lewandowski, Walter and Florence Grob, Craig and Maureen Moody, and Cal and Susie Hohn when they are in the country. So this is a matter for urgent prayer for the country, and for the welfare of those who are there to share the Good News about Jesus.bamenda

The strike centers around the language issue (something Canadians will be familiar with). Like Canada, Cameroon has both French and English as official languages, and – also like Canada – it has had its share of animosity surrounding the language debate. Right now the Anglophones are striking against what they feel are the unfair practises of the federal government with the respect to their language rights.

It is not clear to me where the CBC stands in all of this, but from social media I have seen that some Cameroon Christians have become politicized over the whole thing, such that their Christian witness may be compromised. It is not easy being citizens of two dominions at the same time (i.e. Cameroon and the Kingdom of Heaven), but it is our calling to be bridges between the two.

Please pray that our brothers and sisters on both sides of the Pond will better learn how to walk as Christians in the land of the living.


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