October Update

It has been a very busy last several weeks – and the end is not in sight. But an update is in order here I think.

Over the weekend we hosted our second son, John, as he is travelling to a new job in Whistler, B.C. He reached there safely this evening (thank the Lord), so now we have one child in each of the four Western Provinces. From west to east: John is in B.C.; Cari is still here in Alberta; Robert is in Saskatchewan; and Daniel is in Manitoba. Our original plan (our “druthers”) was to have them all together in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but sometimes the ‘best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft aflay.’

We have been busy packing some of the boxes that White Cross will be shipping for us at the end of this month. All the books that I’ll be taking are packed up, plus some bedding and other household things that we’ll need there. Sonya is mostly taking care of the household stuff, so I know it is good hands.kids-in-the-peg-2015

I have been doing a lot of preparation for the month of October as there are three Missions Conferences happening here in Alberta. The first one is this Saturday down south, in Lethbridge. As part of the Alberta Baptist Global Operations Team (aka the ABA GO Team) I will be giving the keynote message, plus leading a workshop on International Partnerships.

The weekend after that I will be doing the same thing at Brentview Baptist in Calgary; and the next weekend after that I will doing the same thing yet again at the GEM (Greater Edmonton Missions) at Steele Heights in Edmonton.

While Sonya will be talking to churches and individuals in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, I’ll also be preaching in a couple of churches in the Edmonton area: at First Baptist, Leduc this coming Sunday, and then at River of Hope Church in Devon at the end of the month.

So . . . my friends, your prayers for all these events, and our travel on the roads (our first snow came this past Friday) are so much needed and appreciated. Thanks and God bless you!


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