A Typical Vision

Here is a story (in abbreviated form) that is quite typical of what is going on right now in the Muslim world.

For security reasons I cannot show a picture of him, but I have a friend named Linus who lives on the Mambilla Plateau. Linus was the son of a village elder in a large village on the Plateau, “living the good life” (his words). The village was mostly Muslim when he lived there, and his family was also Muslim.

There were a few Christians there, though, and they wanted to have a pastor come and minister among them. So the pastor came one day, and my friend Linus was sitting on a rough bench in the village square plotting together how to kill the new pastor because he was converting Muslims to Christianity.

As they were plotting together Linus was suddenly thrown to the ground and went unconscious. His friends had no idea what had happened to him, so they took him to the hospital. The doctors did not know what had happened to him either, so they wrapped him in white sheets and declared there was nothing they could for him.

While Linus was lying there he had a vision of an angel, which he thought was an evil angel, so he tried to cast it away. The angel told him, however, that he was the angel of the Lord and that he should listen to the gospel of Jesus.

So he believed the gospel right then and became instantly well. The angel said he would return to his people to be an evangelist, so he resolved to do just that, regardless of the cost. He has indeed been beaten and dragged on the ground, but this has not deterred him, and his testimony is a riveting story for these people.

I went with Linus to visit some new Christians one time, way out in the bush, and we came across a Muslim man who wished to know what we were doing out there in the middle of nowhere. As we talked Linus began to share his testimony with him, and at the end the man declared that before then he had been speaking in ignorance, but now he had come to know the truth, so he also wanted to become a Christian.

According to the word of God: “. . . young men shall see visions . . .”


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