The Packing Process!

Through the blessing of White Cross , we have begun the Packing Process! (I know this because I am sweating and tired already!!)img_5675

Mr. Bert Harsch, who seems to be the major domo of the White Cross here in Edmonton (under the direction of Dr. Keir Hammer), called us up last month to let us know a shipment was going out to Cameroon in mid-October and we could tag onto that if we chose. Naturally there is a cost for White Cross shipments, since ships do not transport big sea containers for free, but Bert has also generously donated the cost of our boxes.

I decided to start with a bottom row of books, since that is the easiest thing to start with, and I have a few of them to go. (The opposite of St. Paul; he had his books come after him, while I will send mine ahead.) Being a pastor working in small towns and rural settings, I knew I would not be close to good theological libraries – and of course I started out before everything could be found on-line over the internet – I have been collecting (?? not sure if that is the right term) books for about two decades.img_5676

Not all of them will go with us of course. While I like the feel of a book in my hands, and can use them much better than looking at a computer screen, they are too heavy to transport them all, and I expect that a lot of what I will need will be found in the library at the seminary in Mbu.

When we lived in Nigeria and I taught at the seminary in Ndu, Rev. Dave and Mary June Burgess had already been there for ten years. They were retiring back to the United States the summer of 2009 (our older boys travelled with them when they came home). Dave had made the seminary in Mbu the best one on the Mambilla Plateau, and probably the best one in Taraba State. Prior to that he had been working at the same library I’ll be at in Ndu, Cameroon for (I think) 29 years. They have named the library after him, so I am positive that library will also be in extremely good shape.

So the packing has begun. Because I am still working full-time as a pastor here at Wiesenthal, I do not really get overly excited about our mission. This process, however, makes the whole venture seem much more real and . . . well, yes – exciting!img_5678

Thanks again to Bert and White Cross. This is a wonderful blessing.


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