Praising God for Minnie Kuhn

When we lived in Nigeria in 2008 all of us got malaria at least once (except for our oldest, Robert, who somehow managed to stay out of the way of the mosquitoes).

I remember contracting it on a Tuesday night when I got a chill and a fever, and I knew already what it was. The next morning I walked up the hill to go to our devotional and described my symptoms to a friend across the fence. He said, “You’ve got malaria,” and I said, “Yup, I know it.”

Later that morning I went with our son Daniel to the clinic across the street (very handy for us) to get checked out by a Dr. Daniel. The doctor checked me over and sent me for blood work, after Daniel. Dan had tonsillitis, having already had malaria the week previous.

Meanwhile I was given a bucket of drugs (13 a day – Kai!) to take, and told to get lots of bed rest and “good feeding.” This last part sounds good but is not as easy as it sounds. When someone in Nigeria gets sick it is the duty of their friends to come and visit them. So I still had many visitors.

At one point the doctor told me his name, saying that he had been delivered and named by the missionary Minnie Kuhn, who will be known to many of our NAB people here in North America – and by literally thousands of people in Nigeria. I praise God that her work is now being carried on through men and women like this.

img_4355Pictured here is Dr. Wim and Marlene Munting – the wonderful missionary doctors who were serving in the hospital while we were living in Gembu. This was their farewell celebration in 2009.


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