“Things Just Come”

Sonya likes to say that “things just come” to her, and it is true. She is never at a lack for things to do, and is very good at seeing needs and trying to fill them. This week I am batching it at home in Alberta, while Sonya is filling a need in the province of Manitoba.

When we lived in Manitoba she was very involved with the camping program at our Lake Nutimik Baptist Camp, in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. She even served as the program director for a summer or two before we moved. Since she has been gone, she has kept in close touch with the new program director there, and has helped out most summers at the camp in one way or another.Mom's pix 057

This summer she has been helping out at Nutimik in various ways – this week she is out on a chain of lakes in the Park, canoeing with a group of high school girls. Sonya is a canoe instructor here in Alberta and loves to be on or in the water, whether it is a lake, river, or her favorite: white-water.

When we travel to Cameroon we know a few things that are going to happen, mostly with my position. I’ll be teaching, travelling, and continuing the evangelism ministry I have been doing the past seven years.444

Sonya’s position will be a little more ambiguous. While she will be travelling a lot more with me, and working more closely with the women in the Fulbe villages, she’ll also be working on “the things that just come to her.” And I am confident that, God helping her, she’ll do a great job.


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