Shout-Out to Roseville

We are in the process of raising support in order to head out onto “the field” in Cameroon and Nigeria, and as with all things of this nature it is truly a team effort. A few words ought to be said about the people working behind the scenes (I think the technical term for this is “give a shout-out”).

Sonya and I travelled down to our International Office (IO) in Roseville, CA, a few weeks ago and met our North American Baptist staff there. A whole day of interviews and – what shall I call them? – things were planned for us to help get us ready to embark on this journey.

My favorite parts were simply getting to know the team members there, and being able to pray with them. It is a funny thing, but I felt like I knew most of the staff there before I met them because I have seen their faces and names on the website and some of the newsletters that come out of the IO. Getting to actually meet them was sort of like meeting celebrities for us.

Praying with them was pretty special – they had heard about the fires up around our area (near Fort MacMurray), and someone from Alberta had asked them to pray about that. It brought us close to home and close to tears at the same time.

Some of the staff we spent a good amount of time with, because they needed to give us information, draw information out of us, or else take our picture and video. These latter two things are really not my favorites, but the staff there was gracious and professional.

They are continuing to coach us through the process now (boy, do we need a lot of it), but working with good people is always a pleasure.

When you have a chance, stop and pray for them and the work they do for the Kingdom. All of us can use it. Thanks so much.



One thought on “Shout-Out to Roseville

  1. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and get to know you! We are very excited about the journey and ministry you are embarking on! Thanks for your encouragement to us


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